Email is commonly used by millions of people because it is a really fast contact method. Therefore, business owners often consider email as an effective way to approach potential customers. However, it takes a lot of time and efforts to send bulk emails manually. Thus, an automated email sender bot will be the best choice in this case.

What is Email?

Email (Electronic mail) is a means of exchanging information via the Internet. We can send email by using electronic devices such as phones and laptops. Users can send and receive emails at any time providing that Internet connection is stable. The email system will automatically store and support forwarding in case needed. Therefore, many Business owners and Marketers consider Email as an effective channel for product advertisement.

What is Email Marketing? Why is it so popular?

Email marketing is the approach to promote products or services through email. Email marketing is an effective method which can bringing customers to the brand closer.

Why do you need an automated email sender bot?

Many business owners choose email as a channel to advertise their products. Sending offers by email can approach many customers in any country worldwide instantly. However, Email system will mark your email as spam if you send multiple emails manually with the same IP. That is the reason why you need a mass email sender tool which can auto send bulk emails with different IPs simultaneously.

MailerKing – The best automated email sender

  • Send mass email with Gmail accounts (Using web interface)
  • Send email in bulk with SMTP server
  • The software simulate different devices
  • The software is easy to use
  • Frequently update
  • Runs with multiple threads
  • Can use rotated proxy to run
  • Save time and cost

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